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[BOOK REVIEW: Behold the Man by Bodie & Brock Thoene]

Albeit the title of the book and its cover, the story is mostly focused on other people mentioned in the Gospels: Pilate, his wife Claudia, and the centurion she was in love with, Marcus. It’s a story of jealousy, healing, betrayal, and, above all, hope.

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Often, it is hard to understand what someone is going through. I mean, truly understand.

You have to know the person well enough and the person should trust you enough to show one’s true feelings instead of hiding behind the mask of “I’m fine” and smiles.

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[running lessons – the beginning]

The lessons from the brain of an accidental runner 🙂 This coming Sunday, I am planning to run my first ever 5K. I walked the route last night with my husband and it’s not going to be an easy one. But hey, life’s not easy and I am not giving up.

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[what would you do if God was right there?]

We sat and talked about being real with God. Being brutally honest in our feelings when we’re praying (the example we were using was Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane when He asked if the cup can be taken away from Him, although I was thinking about Job yelling all those questions at God)…

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I find it ironic that I wrote about breath recently and now I am struggling with that very thing: breathing.

You know, when you struggle for breath, there’s nothing more satisfying than inhaling and feeling that life-giving oxygen as it gets to where it is supposed to.

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At our study group on Wednesday, we talked about the name of God (יהוה) and how the letters “yod,” “heh,” “vav,” “heh” remind us of the sound of breathing. Besides that, the words for the Spirit and wind / breath are the same in Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruah). They even sound similar in Russian / Ukrainian.

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[book review: #struggles by Craig Groeschel]

It is a good book for those who use social media on a daily basis, although the lessons learned there can be applied even when you don’t have an Instagram account. It makes one think (1) before posting something on Facebook and (2) before overreacting to someone’s post or comment.

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[thoughts that come at 1am]

I used to keep diaries since I was a kid. It just felt good to re-read them later and laugh at my English skills (because I could never really convey the exact meaning or find the perfect word in Russian or Ukrainian). It also was interesting to observe the changes in my life and character.