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  Mothers Day is coming.But I havent made a gift yet.Im worried about it.Little orange lantern asked us to draw a green plastic bag by hand as a mothers Day gift in class.


  First of all,the teacher gave everyone a bag.I looked at the white and flawless bag,and my head went blank.Fortunately,the teacher showed us samples.Otherwise,I cant draw it.Wow ~ each sample is lifelike,with lovely monkeys,beautiful KT cats,mothers face,panda holding balloon Then the teacher asked us to do it.I drew my mother and me first.Another arrow is drawn in the middle.I drew a little love on the periphery.Thank you for bringing me into the world.I love you! I drew another bed.I was sleeping in it.My mother was making a quilt for me.Youll cover me up late at night.


  My drawing is ready.I saw a house painted by someone else.Others draw a hand and hold a winged love


  Finally,I want to say,"Happy Mothers day."


  It was Mothers Day.Sun Zheng thought he should do something for his mother.He decided to help his mother do some housework.After school he went to a shop to buy some food on his way home.

  When he got home,he did his best to cook some nice food,though he could do the cooking well.Thenhe cleaned the room.He felt very tired,but he was very happy.

  When his father and his mother came back and saw the clean rooms and dishes which were so nice,they were very happy.They had their supper together.His mother said,Thank you,my child!"




  Today is mothers day.Its mothers holiday.I thought of giving my mother the most meaningful gift.Send a bunch of flowers! Too vulgar; send a greeting card! Its too common; eat it! No grade.I thought about it for a while,or I couldnt think of it.So,I thought,go to the gift shop and see what can express my mind and see what is pleasing to the eye,and I will buy anything.Yes! In this way,I flew to the gift shop in general.

  Pushing the door of the gift shop,the shop was crowded with pupils who bought gifts for their mothers.The merchandise was so beautiful that they made me pick my eyes.I didnt know what to buy,so I went to the shopkeeper and said,"Hello,auntie,do you have any gifts for your mother?" The shopkeeper took me over and said enthusiastically,"these three models sell well.Today is mothers day." I nodded a nod,I weigh a while,I think it is very good,the shape is a support,a red heart on it,red heart still engraved in English I think it is a red heart,does not symbolize my hot red heart?Is the red heart fixed on the bracket?Does it not mean that my heart does not change?Thinking of this,I did not hesitate to take out the money to buy this gift.

  When I got home,I always felt that there was something missing,so I wrapped a beautiful box on the gift.

  The clock struck six,and mom came back with a tired body.As soon as I entered the door,I took the gift out to my mother.Mother did not respond to it for a moment.After a while,my mother touched my head.His eyes flashed with tears and said,"my daughter is growing up!" At this moment,I have a lot of thoughts.

  Although this is a very modest gift,but in the eyes of her mother,it is more important than her life.I must let my mother feel my love for her everyday.







  Today is mothers day.I decided to surprise my mother.


  In the morning,my parents go to work and I do housework at home.I saw many plates without a brush,and I brushed the dishes.First of all,I put the bowl in order and then fill it with water,drop in a few drops of detergent,and then prepare the towel and wash the dishes in the order of the inside out.Then,tap the tap and rinse it off with tap water.Finally,I learned my mothers appearance and pressed the bowl in hot water.“Done! “I cried joyfully.


  At last! I think of my mom and dad working very hard.I cook for me at home and do my laundry...They are great.I will study hard in the future and repay my parents! After that,I began to work again,sweeping,scrubbing,washing my clothes...“Ding-dong! Ding-dong! The doorbell rang,and I hurried to open the door,and my mother came back.“Happy holidays to you! “I said,pointing proudly to the clean house.The moment my mothers eyes were red,she said to me happily,“good boy,you are great,you grow up...” I smiled happily.


  Im happy this mothers day!