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第一篇: 弘扬中国传统文化英语作文

  It seems we are living in the conflict between modern and traditional cultures every day. Hearing the blaring of horns the moment you step out of your house, seeing the so called "pop" the moment you open your eyes, you can"t help thinking, "Will the traditional culture be gradually lost?"

  Many people believe so. They may put right in front of you all the evidences they can dig out. They may argue that people are rushing to restaurants instead of cooking at home, listening to pop music but not traditional, wearing in a way people couldn"t imagine ten years ago. Modern people like the air of freedom, not to be restrained by traditions. They offer this long list, only trying to confirm that this world is full of fashion,competition and temptation and the traditional culture is fading and will be lost at last.

  Though we are now living in a world in which undeclared aggression, war, hypocrisy, chicanery, anarchy are part of our daily life. Though this is a skeptical age, and our faith has weakened, our confidence in some aspects of the traditional culture should and would never be lost.

  Wouldn"t you agree that our traditional culture is always credited with modesty, politeness and respectfulness, which have always been treasured for more than five thousand years?Even in this modern world, people still admire those with good manners, those who are polite to others or respectful to old people.

  Wouldn"t you agree that our Chinese traditional music is beautiful and artistic and our Chinese tea culture is always an appealing treasure to people around the world?

  So there may just be some changes in our lifestyle or our attitudes towards life, but little change occurs to some fundamental aspects of our traditional culture that people still treasure in heart.

第二篇: 弘扬中国传统文化英语作文

 China has the history of more than 5,000 years and we are so proud of the profound culture. Every year, we are so looking forward to spending the holiday during the traditional festivals. They are the important part of Chinese traditional culture. But for young people, the meaning of these festival is fading away.

  When young people are asked about the meaning of traditional festival, some of them have no idea. For example, some young people believe that Mid-autumn Festival is to in honor of the ancestors, or it is a day to eat mooncake. Actually, most festivals have been advocated by the commercial ads, and they show people to buy more products to spend the festivals happily. Some ads try to implant people the wrong idea about the meaning of festival, just to attract more customers.

  The loss meaning of traditional festivals brings the negative side to the preserve of traditional culture. The mass media should advocate the essence of the festivals, so as to let the young generation learn more about our culture and be proud of it.

第三篇: 弘扬中国传统文化英语作文











第四篇: 弘扬中国传统文化英语作文

  Traditional Chinese culture is beginning to capture the attention of the world. This is true even as popular culture that has traditionally been considered Western begins to spread throughout China. Kung Fu, especially, has had a great impact on the millions of people who first learned about China through it.

  From that, they may come to China and learn about other aspects of this culture, such as traditional operas like the Beijing and Sichuan ones. Asian nations have long known about the greatness of ancient Chinese culture. Their own cultures are a mix of native ones and those Chinese characteristics.

  Korea and Japan long ago adopted ideas such as Confucianism is something that continues today even as it is challenged by Pop Culture. This strength comes from the ideas given in the Four Books of Confucianism (The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects of Confucius, and The Book of Mencius).

  These books built upon the ideas of an even more ancient period codified in the Five Classics. From them, the West learns such things as Fengshui and other concepts that are uniquely Chinese. China has taken steps to further this spread of its culture by establishing Chinese Cultural Centers in such places as the United States and Europe.

第五篇: 弘扬中国传统文化英语作文

  The human race has entered a completely new stage in its history,along with the advance of the society and the increaceingly rapid economic globalization and urbanization, which resulted in the phenomenon that we are accustomed to living a very fast rhythm lifestyle,ignoring the Chinese traditional culture.

  It is universally acknowledged that Chinese culture has a history of more than two thousand years, which once had great influence on the world, such as Japan, South Korea and other Asian and European countries. As one of the four ancient civilizations,China creates many splendid cultures,such as the four ancient Chinese inventions,which benefited human society in the history.

  Although China risks copying the Western lifestyle’s worst aspects, especially of unhealthy eating and drinking,Which once gave rise to many problems.Fortunately,Chinese begin to realize the importance of Chinese traditional culture.Such examples might be given easily,Chinese traditional culture was added into our CET4 and CET6 ,which help us get hold of it better.