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  With the development of technology, today we live in the world with high technology. People seem to can’t live without computer and smart phone, once they don’t have smart phone at hand for a while, the seem to be lost and feel something miss in their life. When I talk to my friends at table, I find them always play smart phones or check on the text all the time. Though we sit face to face, the distance between us is so far. The high technology brings isolation between people. Some people don’t often visit their parents and friends, for they believe that a call can solve all the things. Communication in face to face is far more important than a call. It is time for some people to put down their smart phones for a while when they are communicating to others.

  随着技术的发展,今天我们生活在一个高技术的时代。似乎人们的生活离不开电脑和智能手机,一旦智能手机不在手上,他们似乎感到失落,感觉到有东西缺失在他们的生活中。当我和朋友们吃饭时 ,我发现他们总是在玩智能手机,或者在检查信息。虽然我们面对面坐着,但是我们之间的距离是如此的遥远。高科技带给人们带来了隔离。有些人不经常看望他们的父母和朋友,因为他们相信一个电话能解决所有的事情。面对面的交流比电话更重要。是时候对一些人来说去放下手中的智能手机一会,当他们在和别人交流的时候。


  Many years ago, as the development of technology, robot was created to facilitate people’s work. Robot can do many things for men, like it will accept the order and then carry out it. The most obvious advantage of robot is to caculate very quickly. As robot gets improved all the time, its functions have been largely expanded, most people worry that it will take the place of human brains. Many movies have explored this topic and they came to the conclusion that robot will not take the place of human being. One thing for sure is that men can’t compete with robot on caculating or the computer program, but robot has no feelings, it can’t be the real person. Even it looks like a man, still it is just the machine. It is the emotion that makes the difference between man and machine.



  Enough sleep is very important. It affects we are happy or not. We can easily find if we sleep enough in the night, we usually have a good mood next day. But, if we do not have enough sleep, sometimes we will feel depressed without a reason. What’s more, sleep also affects our study or work. Try to imagine that a sleepy person how can he listen to the teacher in class or work in their position. It must be a hard job or in low efficiency. Thus, if a person sleep enough, he can do better in their life. In addition, do you find that a person with good sleep usual do not have acne, because enough sleep balance their internal secretion and detox. Knowing the importance of enough sleep, do you still stingy about sleep? Do you still dare to sleep late?



  Everyone needs friends in their lives, no one can live alone, they need friends to share their sorrow and happiness, so that they can keep the good mood. But even the marriage needs to run in the long term, for friendship,

  people will confront all kinds of problems, the one who can deal with the problems well will maintain the friendship. When you have argument with your friends, both of you do not want to give in,

  at this time, you need to calm down and be general, you can release the intense atmosphere。In a few days, when both of you have calmed down, the argument is nothing but a small interlude.

  Sometimes your friend will work in another place, if you two are lazy to contact with each other, friendship is easy to lose as the time went by. Maintaining friendship is not easy.


  The movie Harry Portter is favored by the people all around the world and the novels are read by fans. Though the movie has ended, the three main protagonists are remembered all the time. Emma Watson is one of the main protagonists. She plays the role very well and she never gives up her study, which sets the great example to the young people. After the end of the movie, Emma goes to the top university, though she continues her acting career, she still focuses on her study. When she graduates, she works on promoting the equality between men and women. She becomes the spokesman of feminism and she gives the inspiring speech He For Her. Everybody gives high praise to this girl. She’s grown up and becomes a strong woman. Her speech is supported by the public.



  People are wondering about if there are living creatures in other planets. Scientists have been searching for the answer all the time. Though the official never publishes any information about the existing of another life, most people believe that life exists in outer space. In the science fiction films, the directors try to search the space. They pictured the large galaxy and presented the audience how the aliens looked like. What"s more, some documentaries also recorded the mysterious signs that seemed to be left by the unknown creatures. As a result, the public believes that aliens have come to our planet, or they just pretend to be someone else, studying about human beings. With the development of technology, someday the scientists can go much further and solve the riddles, at that time, we can know more about life.