About Me

About Me

To borrow the words of MercyMe, “Let me introduce myself to you. This is who I am, no more, no less… Beyond all the things you may think you know I’m just a kid trying to make it home, that’s it”

What about the Name?

My name is becoming rare in my part of the world, yet it is one of the names of a TV show character with a fun yell… She and I were always linked together (well, I was linked to her since I doubt she suspects my existence) and I was often called Warrior Princess.

The full name’s Zinaida (comes from Greek and means “Daughter of Zeus”), but I do not like to be called that. I prefer Zena or just simply Zee. (Granted, lately I’ve started appreciating my name because there are so many Lenas and Natashas and Olyas… And I’m the only one Zee) 🙂

GPS Coordinates

Ukraine 🙂 The land of Gryffindor-type people – those who are not afraid to stand up in protest when someone tries to steal their independence. I am proud to be Ukrainian, yet not many people believe I’m local. Some say it’s because of the looks, others because I know English well. Recently I discovered that I can actually speak Ukrainian (my grandmother was from Russia, so at home we spoke Russian, even though at school I had to speak Ukrainian) because people at my husband’s church (and probably soon to become my church) mostly speak Ukrainian.

Reasons behind the Blog

Writing is cathartic. Whenever I write, it helps me sort out my thoughts that are always creating havoc in my mind. Also, it helps me remember different parts of my life – just think of Dumbledore’s Pensieve.

The reason it’s called The Observer is not because I like to read that newspaper (in fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever really read it…) It’s more simple than that. I am an INFJ (Myers-Briggs) and really – that describes me. I like to observe people, their looks / actions / thoughts / theories. It fascinates me and sometimes depresses (because not all thoughts are happy), but it’s simply how my mind works and this is who I am.

Last Wish

When I die (if that happens before He comes), put my ashes in a Starbucks coffee can in a library 🙂

But seriously… I want to be remembered for who I was when I was alive, not by a stone marker with my picture on it.