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I do like my job and I am thankful for days like yesterday when I am once again reminded of that.

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[missing action]

My friend Jessica and I were talking one night and she pointed out that his characters usually would prefer to stay home yet they are continuously dragged into the midst of action… and they thrive in adventures.


[small dreams coming true]

The other day I went to the mall next to me to get groceries (yes, there’s a grocery store inside a mall…) and on my way there, I passed a sight: little kids were sitting around the tiny (tiny for me, anyway) tables and two young adult girls were dressed in animals’ costumes and were doing crafts with kids.


[happy men’s day]


You have read it correctly.

We don’t really celebrate Mother’s or Father’s day here in CIS. It is starting to appear, but it’s not one of the old holidays.

Instead, we have Women’s Day on March 8 and the Day of Motherland Protector on February 23.


[photo-a-day: february 9]

I’ve been working at the Chamber for almost 4 years now.

It seems like a lot, especially considering that there were too many employees who came and went.

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[the power of prayer]

Sometimes, when you are tired of your own problems, you need to go somewhere where you’ll have to take care of someone else’s problems and where you’ll simply not have time for your own problems. Such, it seems, was the philosophy of Dr. Luka Kovac, a Croatian, who went to Africa with Doctors without Borders program.