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[should we or should we not care?]

A friend of mine, Andrei, writes songs.

He just started a couple of years ago, but I can tell he’s got the passion and the gift for it, even if there are still things to learn.

The other day he was joking again about a song he started writing and then stopped… because he realized that the first couple of words and even the tune were quite similar to that of another song. We laughed about the fact he has listened to Hillsong music for so long that the tunes are stuck in his brain for a long time now.



I love Skillet. I don’t care what anyone else says – I love their style, I love their lyrics, and I love that even though they went sort of mainstream, they still have kept the faith. Their songs speak to me and their rhythms energize me, making even usually-stationary-me (just ask my friends) want to move along with the pulse. However, while I sway, I still can observe the people around me.

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[it is well…]

The time has come for another glimpse into translated songs. This time around it is one of the hymns that we all know and love: It is well with my soul. This hymn was...

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[timely words]

I am always amazed at how God can speak through all kinds of things including music. Feeling down, I looked out the window, watching buildings pass by as the bus drove past them. “Sometimes,”...



There’s a song that is one of those that is sung in many countries and in many languages. “This is the air I breathe…” “Господь, Ты – воздух мой…” However, it’s one of those...