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Often, it is hard to understand what someone is going through. I mean, truly understand.

You have to know the person well enough and the person should trust you enough to show one’s true feelings instead of hiding behind the mask of “I’m fine” and smiles.

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[carry the burdens…]

Extroverts and introverts differ in one major characteristic. When extroverts are dealing with something, their path to healing is “talk it out.” For introverts, however, it is to “take it in” (or “think it out”) rather than “talk it out.” So when I was presented with my friend’s burden, I felt crushed by it.

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[wake up]

For someone who has grown up in a Church, who was involved in all ministries (except the women’s group – I didn’t really fit in there), who taught kids in Sunday School and camps for years, realizing that I still have so much to change in myself is overwhelming.

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[update re: war]

Last night we have spent few hours packing the food for people who are stuck in the war zone since we were planning a trip down there this weekend. Today found out that the trip to the east is delayed because of the attacks (military does not let civilians to enter the war zone during the active attacks because that would mean even more possible victims).

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[in memory…]

Reflections about Maidan and sharing the pictures from the newly-renamed street of “Heroes of Heavenly Sotnya.”

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[please pray for Ukraine]

Once again, I come to you with a humble request.

Please pray for my country, the country called Ukraine.

The country of people who want to be free and to be treated as a nation of people. People who want peace in the country and government that respects the citizens.

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[mark 15:16-20]

Yesterday everyone was shocked by a brutal video of special ops guys making fun of a guy they captured. One of their own made the video and had the wits to upload it.