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[hugs experiment]

In a monthly digest of best commercials done by, this one attracted my attention. Pro Infirmis conducted an experiment… Wouldn’t you hug that good looking bear? Would your answer change if you knew...



My pathological distaste for “right answers” sometimes leaves me wondering whether I am being judgmental or I simply prefer honesty. I realized the other day that I simply don’t trust people when they give me one of the...


[6 years.]

It has been 6 years since I have started blogging. Wow. Time flies. Many things have been shared on my blogs – first on Xanga, then at, and now here, at my own...



Thoughts inspired by C.S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces.

“We must go to your true judges now. I am to bring you there.”

“My judges?”

“Why, yes, child. The gods have been accused by you. Now’s their turn.”

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[daniel 12:12]

Blessed is the one who waits. Daniel 12:12, NIV Sometimes even the most willing person, who eagely desires to serve the Lord, does not know what direction to take. Simply wait – but wait...



I have been scarce these week. I think I commented more on others’ blogs than I wrote in my own. Not that it’s a bad thing, just sayin’. I am glad that it’s already...

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[monday morning moments]

The office is so quiet. Yes, I have Air1 music playing, but there’s no usual conversations’ hum or soft sounds of the keyboards as the countless e-mails are sent out. The reason for quietness: I...