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[friends: twins separated in space-time]

Spotting a free seat, I asked the two blond-haired girls who were sitting next to it, “Is this place free?”

They nodded. I sat down.

That was about 8 years ago.

Little did I know at that moment that one of the girls will become one of my best friends.


[God’s Incredibility]

God is incredible.

I’m not saying that because I think you might have forgotten. I am saying this so we will always keep this in mind – even when we feel like our lives are boring and nothing happens. Most of the time, I discovered for myself, that time is only a preparation for something.


[small dreams coming true]

The other day I went to the mall next to me to get groceries (yes, there’s a grocery store inside a mall…) and on my way there, I passed a sight: little kids were sitting around the tiny (tiny for me, anyway) tables and two young adult girls were dressed in animals’ costumes and were doing crafts with kids.

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[stories to tell]

It was a time of laughter until we couldn’t laugh anymore. It was a time of pure fellowship. It was a time when we proved that you don’t need alcohol to have tons of fun. And it was one of those times when you have stories to tell afterwards.

Grandma's Cookbook 12

[goofy family stories]

This post is inspired by Keviana Elliott’s post called “giggles.” Check it out – it’s hilarious and sweet.

My Grandma was the Cook of our 5-women clan. Well, that was one of her numerous roles. Main hat she wore was that of the glue-that-held-us-all-together-tighter-than-the-duct-tape – but that’s for another post.

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[honey & cinnamon]

I took a couple-hour nap and when I woke up I realized that my lungs feel really odd. Not too bad, but sort of the feeling when you actually feel every part of your lungs. I was chatting with a friend of mine in Skype and complained to him that it hurts. He said I should take some tea with honey and cinnamon.

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[post-graduation day]

I got my diploma today. I graduated from the International Christian University (ICU) back in summer ’08. However, I never made it to the graduation because I was at my very first Chamber’s American...