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Often, it is hard to understand what someone is going through. I mean, truly understand.

You have to know the person well enough and the person should trust you enough to show one’s true feelings instead of hiding behind the mask of “I’m fine” and smiles.

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[thoughts that come at 1am]

I used to keep diaries since I was a kid. It just felt good to re-read them later and laugh at my English skills (because I could never really convey the exact meaning or find the perfect word in Russian or Ukrainian). It also was interesting to observe the changes in my life and character.

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[lessons from an ordinary day]

It’s too easy to get entangled in daily matters and petty stuff, but when you compare the odds, it is much preferable to spend what time we’ve got loving each other instead of complaining that something isn’t as we expected. And be thankful to God for the time that we have – because you never know when you might run out of that time.

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[home alone]

I know we’ll get through this and this is not the worst thing that could happen. In the meantime, however, I miss the one I love. His company. His desire and ability to make me laugh. His kindness and his warmth.

I love you and miss you, honey.

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[which was better – via Nick Vujicic]

I listened this morning to Nick Vujicic’ podcast based on Proverbs 19:21: “We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails” and it made me think… I still don’t like it when something I plan fails miserably. I still keep bugging God to tell me what is going to happen so I can prepare accordingly. And yet, I am glad that it is His plan that prevails.

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[surgery: update]

Many have asked what kind of surgery Sam’s having. Here’s a bit more detailed description of the techniques.

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Sam needs to get a surgery next week. He broke his wrist a couple of years ago and while the bones healed, they obviously didn’t heal properly.

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[a year ago]

“Hey – how about we meet in real life?” – “Let’s do it.” // One year ago today, I have met my future husband face-to-face.

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[a month and three days]

Until mom reminded me of the date on Monday, I totally forgot what it was. June 2. A month has gone by since Sam and I got married. WOW. We have traveled to gorgeous...