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[photo-a-day: march 26]

I bought this key chain during my second visit to the US. Aimlessly browsing Wal*Mart aisles, I came across a key chain stand. That’s when I saw it. “God never shuts one door without...

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[photo-a-day: march challenge]

Yes, I admit, I haven’t been 100% faithful with February and I am late for March, but who cares? I still am going to do this challenge – because it’s fun.

So it’s March 6 and the challenge is 5:00PM.

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[photo-a-day: february 26]

Remember that street I described in the “Green” post? This is the same street a couple of weeks ago. Yes, we’ve got snow. Lots of it. There were a few days of warmth and...

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[photo-a-day: february 23]

There’s something about this kind of photos. I think everyone these days has participated in one of these “photo shoots.” For me, it demonstrates teamwork. This particular one was when my friend Jessica‘s brother...


[photo-a-day: february 21]

I have been cleaning the apartment last week and got into a bookcase that I usually ignore.

Sorting through the books, I stumbled across the photo that I have been looking for so long.