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[exploring the inside]

Ever since I’ve learned my strengths, I have been noticing their manifestations in my life almost daily.

It also happens to be that one of my strengths is Connectedness – the feature of my mind when it sees interconnectedness in everything.

And I mean that.



[called by name]

I mentioned before that one of my favorite movies is Jesus that was filmed in ’99. I honestly am not sure how many times I’ve seen it and I don’t think it’s possible to get tired of it (granted, usually I watch it by myself because no one else wants to join me for a three-hour movie – but I don’t care. I would watch it anytime and anywhere with anyone.)

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[the power of prayer]

Sometimes, when you are tired of your own problems, you need to go somewhere where you’ll have to take care of someone else’s problems and where you’ll simply not have time for your own problems. Such, it seems, was the philosophy of Dr. Luka Kovac, a Croatian, who went to Africa with Doctors without Borders program.


[hugs experiment]

In a monthly digest of best commercials done by, this one attracted my attention. Pro Infirmis conducted an experiment… Wouldn’t you hug that good looking bear? Would your answer change if you knew...



I am watching a new TV show (well, new for me). It’s called FlashForward and is about an FBI investigation. One day, all people all around the world blacked out for 2:17 minutes. During...


[rings, faith, and evan almighty]

We have a tendency to hide our faith often. If you never experienced that temptation, I say “Well done.” I, on the other hand, find myself there too often, unfortunately. So I thought… what may be the reasons why we would hide our “Engagement Ring” (the analogy is almost literal since we’re called His Bride)…


[life is tough but thankfully short]

I keep thinking about death. Not in the bad sense. I mean, I am not afraid of it… just the opposite, I kind of long for it. Is this healthy? Watched Seven Pounds today....