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[thoughts that come at 1am]

I used to keep diaries since I was a kid. It just felt good to re-read them later and laugh at my English skills (because I could never really convey the exact meaning or find the perfect word in Russian or Ukrainian). It also was interesting to observe the changes in my life and character.

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[home alone]

I know we’ll get through this and this is not the worst thing that could happen. In the meantime, however, I miss the one I love. His company. His desire and ability to make me laugh. His kindness and his warmth.

I love you and miss you, honey.

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[my first tattoo]

We’re looked at options, discussed the ideas, talked to the artist girl and last weekend Sam and I got matching hearts on our forearms 🙂

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[here one day…]

I heard a crash, sitting at the office. // Thoughts about Carpe Diem and an accident at work.

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[surgery: update]

Many have asked what kind of surgery Sam’s having. Here’s a bit more detailed description of the techniques.

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Sam needs to get a surgery next week. He broke his wrist a couple of years ago and while the bones healed, they obviously didn’t heal properly.