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term paper#2: what source of theology to choose?

Some have called the Bible a love letter from God. While some parts of the Bible do not really remind of a St. Valentine’s notes, when one takes the Old Testament and New Testament, it is easy to notice the underlying golden thread that is present throughout the story. “I made you, I love you, I want to know you and I want you to know Me. Here I am.” God opens up and tells us enough to know so we can trust Him without wavering.

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[christian harry potter?]

Some uber-Christian mama decided to creatively solve a problem when her kids asked if they could read Harry Potter books. She… rewrote the story. I always say that Harry Potter is not a Bible substitute (far from it!) and I don’t say that everyone should read it. But if you want to twist something… I don’t know. It’s cheap, it’s low, and it’s terrible.

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I tried to resist writing this. I tried to reason with myself and two quiet voices inside of me: one saying that it is my own life I am living and the other whispering that my life is not for me.

Yet the daily verses kept coming and I felt the whispering voice grow stronger.


[BOOK REVIEW: When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey]

I enjoyed this book. It was not one of the “happy” books you read and everything is working out just as planned. There are difficulties that the characters face and they HAVE to deal with them. Yet the book also provides hope and joy that surpasses just this life. Once again, I liked the magic part about it, the belief in the Maybe. If anything, this book once again shows that we, adults, should learn from kids about what it means to truly believe… even when times are hard and we have to do something that hurts and scares us.