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At our study group on Wednesday, we talked about the name of God (יהוה) and how the letters “yod,” “heh,” “vav,” “heh” remind us of the sound of breathing. Besides that, the words for the Spirit and wind / breath are the same in Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruah). They even sound similar in Russian / Ukrainian.

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[the Love]

It was a post that I have written seven years ago, but as I re-read it this morning (courtesy of “On This Day” Facebook feature, which reminds you what you posted years ago on this day), it still made sense. (Written originally on December 29, 2008, at 4:29 am)

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[why did all that stuff happen?]

When things don’t go the way we planned, when it seems as if nothing works out how we wanted… it is quite likely that there’s a valid reason for it.

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Sam needs to get a surgery next week. He broke his wrist a couple of years ago and while the bones healed, they obviously didn’t heal properly.

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[mark 15:16-20]

Yesterday everyone was shocked by a brutal video of special ops guys making fun of a guy they captured. One of their own made the video and had the wits to upload it.