Category: Holiness


[be holy in the world]

A lot of discussion was dedicated to the verses of the Bible that talk about holiness and what it means to be holy. It is interesting that there are so many definitions for the term – especially taking into account all the different languages.



I work with people who say they believe God is there, but don’t yet trust Him. I have non-Christian friends – some are agnostics, on their way to find out what on earth and in heaven is really going on.

Some simply don’t care, living in this moment, the “here and now.”

And sometimes I still wonder – how should I behave around them?

Should I appear to be “just like them” or should there be something different about me?


[obedience, trust, and sacrifice]

Most of the time, I hear people talk about old Abraham’s faith and obedience to God. I don’t want to diminish Abe’s faith – I still have to learn so much to believe like he did. However, even more than with Abraham’s dedication, I am always struck with Isaac’s attitude.