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At our study group on Wednesday, we talked about the name of God (יהוה) and how the letters “yod,” “heh,” “vav,” “heh” remind us of the sound of breathing. Besides that, the words for the Spirit and wind / breath are the same in Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruah). They even sound similar in Russian / Ukrainian.

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[the Love]

It was a post that I have written seven years ago, but as I re-read it this morning (courtesy of “On This Day” Facebook feature, which reminds you what you posted years ago on this day), it still made sense. (Written originally on December 29, 2008, at 4:29 am)

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[thoughts on worship]

Thoughts regarding the idea of worship, how it should be done, and what is the role of a worship leader at the church…

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[eerie similarities]

While Bonhoeffer wrote Life Together, Hitler’s attack on Czechoslovakia was front and center. Hitler publicly said that all the German-speaking people of Europe belonged to Germany. The Austrian annexation had been painted not as an act of war, but as a loving father welcoming his children home. The parts of Czechoslovakia that spoke German – or what was called Sudetenland – were portrayed in the same way.

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christianity in the postmodern world

“What is Truth?” asked Pilate as he was investigating the words of Jesus at the trial. He was not the only one who was curious about that concept. Ever since the ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and even before them, people were interested in finding out what is a reality, what is true, what is the Truth?

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[wake up]

For someone who has grown up in a Church, who was involved in all ministries (except the women’s group – I didn’t really fit in there), who taught kids in Sunday School and camps for years, realizing that I still have so much to change in myself is overwhelming.