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[30Days: the rest of the days and then some]

Well… I knew it could happen but oh well… Now I’ve got to recollect all the good things that happened within these two weeks 🙂 Not sure I’ll be able to remember three things for each day, but I’ll do my best.

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[30Days: days 13-15]

A long and slightly frustrating week is almost behind me, but there are things to be thankful for anyway, any day. This practice of writing down thanks for each day actually helps me try to notice things every day about which I will be able to write.

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[30Days: Day 12]

It takes an effort to be thankful for Mondays (even though I like them usually). The urge to complain is ever-present when the weather is kind of bleary… However, it was not a lost day! So…

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[30Days: day 7]

Wow, I actually lasted for a week! 😀 I was worried that with the conference, I won’t have time / strength to update. But it’s a challenge for me and I am not giving up.

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[30Days: day 6]

So here we are again. It’s technically Tuesday by now because it’s already 12:12 AM, but oh well. I could’ve gone to bed, but figured that I still had some strength to help out....

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[30Days: days 3-5]

Wow, I’ve missed a few days but I remember all the thanks for them all. Life got busy, but that’s not the reason to forget to thank Him (even for the busyness of life).

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[30Days: day 2]

Continuing the practice. Thankful for the adventure that begins tomorrow, our plans that God changes and makes them even better, and the feeling of accomplishment at work. How about you?

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[30Days: day 1]

A couple of Sundays ago, my pastor challenged us to be thankful.

Not just thankful, but intentionally writing down three things that we’re thankful for and describing one in detail.

So… I want to try blogging for 30 days straight, short posts on being thankful for little things in life. Join me!