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christianity in the postmodern world

“What is Truth?” asked Pilate as he was investigating the words of Jesus at the trial. He was not the only one who was curious about that concept. Ever since the ancient Greek philosophers like Plato and even before them, people were interested in finding out what is a reality, what is true, what is the Truth?

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brief history of the ukrainian philosophy

As it is common with territories that are located on the crossroads of the big trade routes of East and West, Ukraine had a rather turbulent history. Numerous times, except for a brief period in Middle Ages and modern Ukrainian history of the last 25 years, the territory was under foreign occupation and philosophies. The absence of a defined Ukrainian worldview was also the reason why so many of the prominent Ukrainian philosophers, like Hryhoriy Skovoroda, have not been associated with Ukraine, but rather with Russia, Poland, and other countries.

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empirical vs rational way

Both of the approaches are understandable, but a golden middle is a must here. We cannot know everything (and we shouldn’t, probably; life would be rather dull if we knew everything), but we cannot just rely on our feelings either without the rational seed (the science would die and it also would be a dull world since no new knowledge would be imparted).

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plato and aristotle on cosmology and epistemology

These two great philosophers have definitely impacted the worldview of people in those days and even today, 2,400 years later, we still use the ideas and methods invented by them. Whether we gain the knowledge ourselves or we “recollect” it, it is obvious that Plato and Aristotle were on the right track, at least in some areas, and Christian theology is in debt to these thinker

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term paper#2: what source of theology to choose?

Some have called the Bible a love letter from God. While some parts of the Bible do not really remind of a St. Valentine’s notes, when one takes the Old Testament and New Testament, it is easy to notice the underlying golden thread that is present throughout the story. “I made you, I love you, I want to know you and I want you to know Me. Here I am.” God opens up and tells us enough to know so we can trust Him without wavering.

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term paper#1: theological reasoning

To paraphrase the famous saying, we are therefore we think. People have always questioned their own existence, the origins of life, and the possibility of God.

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[prayer style differences]

How do you pray?
Do you claim promises or do you take a more “whatever Your will for me be” approach?

Do you find yourself speaking more officially when you pray or relaxed as if you’re taking to a friend?