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[vacation is over.]

I look at the moon as it stares at me through the balcony window.

It feels odd to have only the waning moon as my companion after spending two weeks around people – first in kids’ camp and then out in the middle of beautiful Ukraine’s nowhere.

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We are back – arrived this morning – tired, exhausted, but it was a good time.

Thank you to all who prayed – your prayers helped a lot.

There are a lot of lessons to be learned from the experience.

We taught kids, God and kids taught us.

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[in just a few hours…]

In just a few hours, I will embark on my annual journey.

I am going to a kids’ camp with the children from my Church.

Every year, it’s a challenge. Please pray for us.


[girls’ camp: back home]

It’s just past my favorite time of 12:34AM and I came home just a few minutes ago from the girls’ camp. I really wish I could stay there for the entire term (i.e. until...