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[Book Review: Blessed Child by Ted Dekker]

Is it possible to keep the faith when you’re continuously bombarded by information?

We’re living in a world where any kind of info is at your fingertips. However, it does not come by demand only, it also attacks you from TV, internet, advertising banners outside. In Ukraine, you can see Playboy and other R-rated magazines on the shelves at a usual grocery store, available for all to see.


[The Legend of Sheba]

Thoughts you don’t usually stop to ponder like “What is the king’s (or any human’s) deepest desire?” or “Do we choose God or God chooses us?” Love, courage, loyalty, disappointment, politics: all this is blended together in a delicious mixture.

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[the reading shelf]

Browsing GoodReads, I realized that I am simultaneously reading books that are as different as a cup of coffee and a bottle of wine.


[BOOK REVIEW: Death by Living by N.D. Wilson]

See it. Hear Him. Thank Him. Ask for more. Search for moments in your story for which you can be grateful. // I did like the stories Wilson shared and his perspective on life. We are here because someone saved a soldier’s life many years ago, and that soldier was our grandfather. We are here because God planned for those two special people we call our parents to get together. We are here because of the butterfly effect throughout the history of humanity. We are here because God thought us.


[BOOK REVIEW: Save Me from Myself by Brian “Head” Welch]

What made the most impact on me was the part he shares AFTER he became a Christian. It’s one thing to end a book on “they lived happily ever after” yet the war BEGINS when you become a Christian since this world is a battleground and we are the soldiers. So when Brian shared his struggles with faith and all the echoes of his past life, that’s what really impacted me. His willingness to go on, his desire to serve God no matter what happens, and his faith.


[BOOK REVIEW: When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey]

I enjoyed this book. It was not one of the “happy” books you read and everything is working out just as planned. There are difficulties that the characters face and they HAVE to deal with them. Yet the book also provides hope and joy that surpasses just this life. Once again, I liked the magic part about it, the belief in the Maybe. If anything, this book once again shows that we, adults, should learn from kids about what it means to truly believe… even when times are hard and we have to do something that hurts and scares us.