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[BOOK REVIEW: Behold the Man by Bodie & Brock Thoene]

Albeit the title of the book and its cover, the story is mostly focused on other people mentioned in the Gospels: Pilate, his wife Claudia, and the centurion she was in love with, Marcus. It’s a story of jealousy, healing, betrayal, and, above all, hope.

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[book review: #struggles by Craig Groeschel]

It is a good book for those who use social media on a daily basis, although the lessons learned there can be applied even when you don’t have an Instagram account. It makes one think (1) before posting something on Facebook and (2) before overreacting to someone’s post or comment.

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[BOOK REVIEW: It’s Not What You Think]

One of the key things that made me think was the wrongfulness of those Christian beads bracelets. You know, black-red-white-blue-green-gold… I think anyone who has ever been to a kids’ camp or VBS has done these. Their premise is wrong.

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[eerie similarities]

While Bonhoeffer wrote Life Together, Hitler’s attack on Czechoslovakia was front and center. Hitler publicly said that all the German-speaking people of Europe belonged to Germany. The Austrian annexation had been painted not as an act of war, but as a loving father welcoming his children home. The parts of Czechoslovakia that spoke German – or what was called Sudetenland – were portrayed in the same way.

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[BOOK REVIEW: The Grand Paradox by Ken Wytsma]

For those who are earnestly seeking the answers (or, rather, guidance) this is a great book. I did not expect much from this book (there are many self-help Christian books that only tell what the reader wants to hear), but the Grand Paradox pleasantly surprised me.

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[REVIEW: From This Day Forward by Groeschel]

When I started reading From This Day Forward by Craig and Amy Groeschel, I hoped it would not be full of cliches like many other books on relationships – and I was glad to realize it wasn’t! The book talks about five commitments that, if implemented and followed, will help the marriage thrive: seeking God together, fighting fair, having fun, staying pure – and NEVER giving up.

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[not peace but sword]

The master had indeed come to bring a sword, but that sword would be wielded by those who would take it up in anger. They would be angry because his way of love and forgiveness was threatening to those who did not embrace it. His way would divide even brother from sister, daughter from father.