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[the histories: world war II]

World War II has influenced everyone (after all, it was a world war). However, over here, in former Soviet Union countries, it goes by another name: Great Patriotic war – because a lot of the Nazi happenings took place on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.


[favorite posts of 2011]

A year has passed.

There was good, there was odd, there was joyful, there was bad.

But it was another year I lived while there were so many who didn’t have any more time.

So I am thankful.

I’ve made new friends, I’ve read a bunch of books, I learned a lot.

As I was browsing what I’ve written this year, there were few posts that I truly enjoyed writing.

strategy 0


When I saw that today’s word at One Word Blog Carnival was “Strategy,” I immediately thought of the post I have written about two years ago. Of all my posts over six years, this...

leaders 2


We have grown so accustomed to the fact that there is always division into “leaders” and “mere mortals.” Those who “serve” and those who “simply come.” We have taken the “Shepherd” and the “sheep” analogy a bit too far – we’ve become sheep who eat grass and don’t do anything else.

We’ve got so used to relying on “leaders” that we don’t really see where we fit in anymore.

“Well, I am not a pastor, how can I share about Christ with my colleagues?”


[girls’ camp: back home]

It’s just past my favorite time of 12:34AM and I came home just a few minutes ago from the girls’ camp. I really wish I could stay there for the entire term (i.e. until...


[tmt: trail mix thursday]

Too many thoughts in my head and they are rambling up a storm. It was an odd day (a good one). Seems like I have caught the Jesus Christ Superstar bug again – listened to it three times today. *Shrug* I guess that can be classified as weird.

Because I cannot sort my own thoughts, I thought I’d share the love and links to the posts by my friends that I liked.