[trusting God with the path]

[trusting God with the path]

Sam and I love to travel together and walk everywhere. Firstly, because we simply like walking and it’s much more convenient to see new cities when you’re walking (in Europe, anyway). Secondly, because it’s cheaper, but that’s another story 🙂

When we were in Lisbon in May, we decided to walk home from the river where we were and there’s this handy mobile app with a map that works offline called maps.me. It has saved us so many times when we needed to find a way to one place or another. Usually, we know the general direction, but it knows the most efficient way.

So we launched the app and set off. I love Lisbon – its streets are narrow and winding and the city is quite hilly. So every time you turn somewhere, you have to look straight and you should look back as well because every single time, you get a new vantage point. For example, like on the pic below:

Beautiful Lisbon
Beautiful Lisbon

We were walking by that concrete fence for a while and then we looked back – and WOW. The picture doesn’t really translate the glory of the view.

Anyway… while we were walking along the roads and streets, it was all good. But then, we walked into a forest.

It wasn’t one of those forests that are completely forlorn, after all, it’s right in the middle of the city (well, almost), yet there are only paths, no roads there.

Our mobile app kept guiding us along the paths, so we were following it.

And then…

I wish I had taken a picture of it.

Sam and I stood, staring at the app and then at the paths in front of us.

There was one path leading to the right and one path leading to the left. They looked decent and without any grass, showing that people often walked there.

However, the map showed that we should go straight.

There was no path! There was just grass! At the second glance, we saw that the grass was sort of bent, so that possibly someone, once walked there, but it wasn’t a beaten path.

We tried turning the phone this way and that way, to make sure it’s leading us straight. We looked back, making sure we came from the right place…

Nope. The app said we should go straight.

We did.

You know what? We came out right next to the road that led us to the place we needed to go.

* * *

There are many decisions Sam and I are facing these days. Sometimes they feel overwhelming.

Sometimes it feels that it would be so much more logical to follow the path the other people took. It’s not like they got lost – they got to the place they needed to go.

…They needed to go.

Our destinations might not be the same.

I am not talking here about heaven or hell. I am talking about the “simpler” life choices. (Although, to be honest, sometimes I wish they were as simple as “heaven or hell.” I mean, you wouldn’t consciously choose hell, right? So there’s no choice even, really…) But you get the idea, right?

The paths we stood in front of weren’t bad. They just didn’t lead us to our destination.

And this is where you need to trust the app… I mean, God.

It scares me to the tips of my fingers, to be honest. My strengths are concentrated on knowledge and information and yet trust implies that you do something even when you don’t have all the information. Even when you don’t know.

It’s easy to read about all those people who trusted God in the Bible. I am tempted to say “Well, we know how the story ended. Happily ever after… most of the time… sort of.” But it wasn’t easy then and it ain’t easy now.

I recently read a book called “The Sin of Certainty” by Peter Enns. I loved the book and it scared me as much. It talks about trust, it talks about embracing the idea that we might not (will not) always know everything.

Right now, that’s my biggest challenge. It’s not about turning off my brain and just going with the flow, it’s about making a conscious choice to trust God wherever He leads me and Sam.

So… please pray for us, if you’ve read it to here. Pray for the strength to follow His lead, even when the obvious paths lead left and right and we’re called to go straight, into the tall grass.

P.S. I first came up with this idea about the paths and trusting God last Sunday, during the rehearsal before the service. Since we try to avoid phones during the preparations, I thought “Oh, I’ll remember to write it down later.” And I couldn’t! I remembered that I wanted to write something down, but I couldn’t remember what it was. Frustrated, I tried for several days… and then, I was watching Amazing Spiderman today and Peter said “the paths…” And my brain was “THAT’S IT!” So here I am, writing down that idea before I forget about it again. Anyway, I guess it was important since God decided to make me remember that idea again.

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