[those famous five stages]

[those famous five stages]

You’ve heard about those five stages of acceptance.

First, you experience denial. “What?!” (I think my previous post was written during this stage. I felt as if I were lost.) Then you get angry and next you try bargaining (“Perhaps there’s an option of remote work?”). The fourth stage is depression. It took me a few days to climb out of the pit where I felt so overwhelmed that I couldn’t think straight (thankfully, I had a few papers due, so I could focus on those instead).

Finally, you accept.

(Author: Mark Weinstein)

Today was my friend’s last day at work and I actually felt as if things are going to be okay. I am not saying I don’t wish he could stay since I was really enjoying the presence of someone who’s got a lot more experience with strategic marketing, yet I am okay.

I believe that every person that comes to our life, leaves an impact (whether good or bad), but it’s our choice whether to be sad about them leaving and just think “Life’s not like it used to be” or be happy that, even for a short time, that person was in my life.

It doesn’t mean the dynamics within the team won’t change; they most probably will. However, what do we do with that? Give up and feel sad or continue changing this world to make sure that time albeit short, was really educational and effective?

Here’s to the new beginnings.

Dream Marketing Team + CEO + QA 😀
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