[fitness challenge]

[fitness challenge]

I signed up for a fitness program.

It’s a two-week program, 6 days a week, with just Sundays to get some rest between the training.

I never really bothered about things like weight or counting calories. I think it was partly due to the fact that my metabolism is kinda good and I never had a problem with being overweight. Also, a separate word of thanks to mom and grandma who never made me eat more than I wanted, so I always had a chance to actually be hungry before eating and stop whenever I wanted, not when the plate in front of me was empty.


Before this year, I was also convinced that I will never run. As in, I could run if I had to (for example, if I had a maniac running after me), but I never perceived myself as a person who runs for fun. Well, so much for being convinced. Now I am into running.

So… This Wednesday, a friend of mine from work and I are going to start the two-week training.

I was excited last week, but as the day looms nearer, I am getting more and more worried.

I have read the reviews of this BeautyCamp fitness on Facebook and they are all so happy and positive. But people are talking about losing so many centimeters in their “forms” or kilograms… and I am wondering what goal to set for myself. Do I want to lose kg or cm? How many? Just getting fit? Should I go all out on keeping the meal plans they offer or just focus on getting through the physical stuff?

Too many questions are going through my mind.

I thought about getting myself new sneakers for training but decided that if I get through it alive and well and will keep all the rules, I will reward myself with shoes 🙂 So there’s my motivation. Also, I am doing it for a friend. She wanted to get in shape and I decided that both of us would benefit from doing this together.

That last motivation kind of makes me think of all the times when I came forward during the altar call in all kids’ camps when I was a camper. I have asked Jesus into my heart a long time ago, but I thought that by going forward, I am making it easier for my friends to join me up front. Thankfully, I think, Jesus didn’t mind getting asked into my heart over and over (although I can imagine him sitting in the armchair in the living room of my heart and chuckling at me, as I stand at the door and ask Him in. “Hey, I’m inside already. Come, let’s have a meal, how about that?”)

So, I’ve got two days to eat what I like and then the boot camp starts 😀 I think it will be a fun experience.

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