[what are you thankful for?]

[what are you thankful for?]

Every Sunday, I hear this question at Church: “What are you thankful for?”

Sometimes it is worded like that. Sometimes it’s worded like “How God has shown Himself in your life this past week?”

Almost every Sunday, there is quietness among people, as everyone is thinking. Few people say something, most of the time it’s someone from the church leaders because they have ministries going on and stuff. The rest of the attendees usually simply listen.

I have struggled with that question for so long.

On one hand, there is the desire to share something exceptional.

On the other hand, is God only in the extraordinary things or is He also in the “extraordinarily ordinary”?

What is a bigger miracle? That Sam and I got Schengen visas or that we’re alive this morning?

What is a bigger miracle? That I got a raise at work or that I have the work at all? (And not just work, but something I actually enjoy doing.)

As I ponder about all these things, I realize that we take so much for granted. So when we’re asked “How has God shown Himself to you this week?” we have no idea what to say. And what’s worse – at least for me personally – is that I feel bad and wonder whether God has done something in my life but I haven’t noticed it or He’s just been quiet this week…

But He wasn’t!

I’m alive, He loves me, I’ve got family and friends and colleagues that I really love and like, and the list goes on!

Here’s to extraordinarily ordinary things in our life.

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