[running lessons – the beginning]

[running lessons – the beginning]

By accident, I began running a bit over a week ago.

A friend asked Sam and me if we’d join her for a running session and we said yes because we didn’t have any other plans. I made a few laps around the stadium and I was panting, while Sam and my friend ran on.

“Oh well, I am not a running material anyway,” I thought because I always thought that my knees won’t allow me to run a lot.


It felt good, however.

Once I posted the picture on my Facebook, a friend who runs (and I mean – marathons, half-marathons, and all kinds of other runs) said that if I want to run, I need a goal.

What goal to choose? I mean… I can’t run, right?

The very next day, I got an e-mail from our HR at work: “Hey! The company is participating in the traditional charitable Chestnut Run and if any employee would like to run 5K, Grossum will cover the entry expense.”

God decided to give me a goal right away.

And this is how the training began.


Some days it’s easy. Some days, I talk myself into running “till that line” and then a bit more.

Something that became the biggest stumbling block for me is the fact that there are other runners. I am not really competitive and when I see someone else doing something better than me, oftentimes I want to simply give up. I mean, I am barely moving my feet, so why bother? It’s not like there’s a crowd of zombies running after my brains, right?

Another temptation is to make myself run faster because I don’t want “that girl” to outrun me. However, the reason “that girl” runs faster than the turtle-me is probably because she’s been running for much longer time than I did with my meager 1.5 weeks of training.

I face those same temptations in my spiritual walk every once in a while every day.

“She knows so much already, so I will never be able to catch up.”

“He is annoying me because of what he knows, so I want to know more than him.”

Both attitudes are wrong and I realize that. I wish it was as easy to actually fight those instincts, but it’s an everyday battle.

This coming Sunday, I am planning to run my first ever 5K. I walked the route last night with my husband and it’s not going to be an easy one. But hey, life’s not easy and I am not giving up.


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