At our study group on Wednesday, we talked about the name of God (יהוה) and how the letters “yod,” “heh,” “vav,” “heh” remind us of the sound of breathing. Besides that, the words for the Spirit and wind / breath are the same in Greek (pneuma) and Hebrew (ruah). They even sound similar in Russian / Ukrainian.

One of the questions Rob Bell, the author of NOOMA series, asked was “How does it affect your life when you think that you live while you breathe and when you breathe you continually speak God’s name?”

Inhale, exhale.

We do it so many times per day.

Do you ever think about your breathing? Having an asthma attack doesn’t really count because then your breath is the only thing you can think of. I mean, in usual, daily routine life?

Inhale, exhale.

As we thought about that question, I thought about the things we say. If when you breathe, you say God’s name, then when you speak, you do the same. Even if you say something bad. Even if you say “God doesn’t exist.” You say it using God’s name.

That’s a sobering thought.

Granted, this can be taken to an extreme and we’d cease to speak at all. But I find it rather good motivator to consider words I am saying, besides the usual “You should control what you say.” This gives a reason why we should do it.

What do you think about the notion?


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