[30Days: the rest of the days and then some]

[30Days: the rest of the days and then some]

Well… I knew it could happen but oh well… Now I’ve got to recollect all the good things that happened within these two weeks 🙂 Not sure I’ll be able to remember three things for each day, but I’ll do my best.

Monday, November 16

I got a “No” answer. Usually, it’s not something you’d want, but for me, this answer meant that I could relax and not fret about the consequences a “Yes” could bring. Granted, it would’ve also been a good thing, but… yeah. I am actually thankful for a “No.”

Tuesday, November 17

Thankful for our rehearsals for upcoming Christmas celebration. Thankful for those who are dedicated to doing this right. Thankful for my hubby with whom I can sing at full volume in the car on the way home from rehearsals. Thankful for those on my alto “team” who help me sing right.


Wednesday, November 18

Thankful for the Bible study groups that we have. They are inspiring and encouraging (and convicting).

Thursday, November 19

Thankful for those evenings when we don’t have anywhere to be except home and can just relax. We also had a friend, Marina, who came over to stay overnight and we had so much fun together. Those are good nights.

Friday, November 20

Thankful for the end of the week. It was one of those long weeks when you have achieved a lot, but you’re also tired. Thankful for the comfortable train to ride on our way to Lviv (a city in Western Ukraine, where my hubby’s from). Thankful for the way my hubby makes train beds – something he learned back when he served in the army and something I enjoy now 🙂

Saturday, November 21

Thankful for a good night’s sleep and a cheerful lady, our passenger train car attendant. Thankful for Sam’s family and a place to sleep. Thankful for Sam’s ever-warm hands, especially on the days when the weather is dreary and there’s cold mist in the air and the remains of first snow are on the ground. Thankful for a walk around the downtown Lviv, delicious coffee, good company (a friend from Kyiv was in Lviv, so we enjoyed a casual walk). Thankful for Sam’s protectiveness and the fact that I feel very safe when I am with him.

Sunday, November 22

Thankful for a place to worship together with dear friends and participate in the Holy Communion at their church for the very first time (we kept missing it when we were in Lviv). Thankful for hugs and smiles. Thankful for my in-laws. Thankful for Sam’s brother, Roma, who made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for us in the morning before church. Thankful for their crazy pug called Benjie who is a bundle of joy.

I was really sleepy, as you can tell.

Monday, November 23

Thankful for our car remaining safe parked near the train station and the fact that we could easily and quickly get home in time to shower and get ready for a day of work. Thankful for our neighbor who babysat our cat and watched over our apartment as well. Thankful for my team at work. Thankful for another evening with friends and singing.

Tuesday, November 24

Tacos for lunch with my team! This has been a desire of mine for a long time and finally I did it. Fried meat in the morning and then later we got together and shared a lunch. There’s nothing better than sharing food together.


Wednesday, November 25

Thankful that my blood test turned out not as bad as I thought it might. Granted, I still need to do something about the low hemoglobin, but hey, it’s much better than it was two years ago 🙂 Also thankful that I finally got access to my previous blood tests online (I lost access when within 6 months, I’ve changed a cell phone number, e-mail address, and my last name due to change of work and change of marital status.)

Thursday, November 26

Thankful for a delicious dinner that I happened to enjoy because I had to stop at the church for other reasons. Again, sharing food with people brings everyone together – especially when it’s Thanksgiving in some countries.

Also, finally had a chance to begin working on the gift my hubby got for me – a big color-by-numbers book! I wanted one of those for a long time, but the thought of having to choose which color to use was rather daunting to me. So when in Lviv we saw this one that was color-by-numbers, I was so excited and Sam got it for me 🙂


Friday, November 27

A good and productive day at work. The evening was also good – we got our car re-registered (it was still under my pastor’s name before Friday because we bought it from him and didn’t have time to do the legal stuff before). Thankful for the quick and easy process (even though more expensive than we anticipated, but if time = money, then this was perfect). Thankful for the guys’ meeting in the evening – I’m glad that Sam’s got a group of guys he can meet with and discuss various issues (no idea what they discussed but I can tell that he longed for meetings like that). I am also thankful for a quiet evening for me to relax and enjoy a hot bath while Sam was away 😀

Saturday, November 28

Thankful for friends who love to take pictures and who ask if they take pictures of us. It was a cold wintery day, and the prospect of posing for pictures wearing just hoodies was somewhat worrying in the morning, but it turned out a great photo session and now we’re looking forward to seeing the pics.

Also, thankful for a Thanksgiving party that became a yearly tradition thanks to our friend who hosts it. A delicious baked turkey, amazing salads, mashed potatoes, and – most importantly – friends with whom to spend an amazing evening of laughter and conversation.

Sunday, November 29

Extremely thankful for the fact that we’ve got a car. First snow hit Kyiv’s ground and it was just a day when you really wanted to stay inside, wrapped in a warm blanket, snuggling next to your loved ones. However, with two church services, it was not really an option. So I am thankful for the car and that we escaped the weather as best as we could.

I am also thankful for the morning and evening sermons. They really hit the spot (even though it wasn’t something very pleasant to hear, it was needed and it was, therefore, good). They were based on passages from Mark (where Peter tells Jesus that He’s Christ and then proceeds to rebuke Him for the news about “Don’t tell anyone because first I have to die a terrible death and then rise”) and Matthew (the part of the sermon on the mount, where Jesus turns the traditional world upside down when he says “Turn the other cheek.”)

And finally, thankful for the “Arrow” TV show that also, surprisingly, made me think of God’s grace and love and Christ’s sacrifice.

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