[30Days: days 13-15]

[30Days: days 13-15]

A long and slightly frustrating week is almost behind me, but there are things to be thankful for anyway, any day. This practice of writing down thanks for each day actually helps me try to notice things every day about which I will be able to write.

Tuesday, November 10

  1. I am thankful that I got through the day. For some reason, it felt incredibly long and I couldn’t wait for it to end… In this light, I am also thankful that for now I am enjoying the luxury of being able to long for the day to end because (while I have no idea how long I will live) I still hope each day that I will live another day. And it’s good.
  2. The Starbucks’ salt caramel hot cocoa that was a gift from a friend I knew for some time already yet did not meet in person until the conference in Turkey. Mmmm… the deliciousness of it (especially when people were being jerks about “Starbucks killing the spirit of Christmas”… heh, makes you wonder what they understand by the “spirit of CHRISTmas”) 🙂
  3. We skipped a study group in the evening and instead came home and enjoyed the quietness of our cozy place. I love evenings like that.

Wednesday, November 11

  1. The way internet allows us to stay close to our friends no matter where they are located physically. 3,000 miles is not a problem when you’ve got Facebook 🙂 The small things in life.
  2. Another quiet evening at home because another study group was canceled due to leaders’ getting sick. So we watched Pearl Harbor. Good movie.
  3. Good weather – and semi-clear skies even. The sunshine – I don’t think I can ever get too much sunshine to long for darker weather. I do love thunderstorms, but that’s pretty much it… Sunshine is preferable to any other kind of weather.

Thursday, November 12

  1. We ran out of gas as soon as we got out of our building’s yard. Thankfully we had spare gas in a canister so Sam added some. We drove about 30 meters and ran out of gas again because he didn’t add enough 🙂 So he added some more from the canister and we drove to the gas station without further adieu. But it was fun… especially the second time.
  2. I finally got my hands on a dish that I wanted for a long time. One of the supermarket chains here in Ukraine has a special offer – you collect 100 little stickers and you get a huge discount on dishes for cooking. So after bugging everyone at the office for stickers (because you get some when you buy something at the store and we’ve got one near work) and then raiding several stores (most of them were out of stock of these dishes because the demand is high), I finally bought one! Woo-hoo!
  3. My cousin stumbled upon old pictures yesterday and we had a blast looking through the memories. This picture below was a picture from a Christmas service at church sometime around 1994 or 1995… I am on the far right, probably about 8 or 9 years old at the time. Wow… Good times.


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