[30Days: day 8-11]

[30Days: day 8-11]

I am guessing I’ll be doing this in bits and pieces, combining several days into one post.

Thursday, November 5

  1. Safe flights and feeling good afterwards (I was really sick on Saturday when we traveled to Turkey… so I was slightly worried. I didn’t want to come home to my hubby who was waiting for me and fall apart.)
  2. Fun times with friends on the way back – it’s good to have lots of time to talk. Also, it was, I think, my first time of flying with my mom. Before, we had separate flights even when we were travelling on the same day from the USA to Ukraine.
  3. Hubby who rearranged the furniture in our bedroom like we have discussed but didn’t get to it before my trip. (Granted, I almost fell off the bed – twice – because I wasn’t accustomed to my side of the bed not being next to the wall, but I got the hang of it by now) 😀

Friday, November 6

  1. Back to work. It feels good but weird. I mean… just a day ago, I was hanging out with more than 600 from my church in Eurasia, having morning and evening services, speaking English pretty much all the time… and suddenly, I am in cold Kyiv and having to wear so many layers of clothes again because it’s not +25C anymore, but rather +4C. Oh well. I do like my work and I am thankful for the slow day.
  2. Sam and I had a “romantic dinner” at McD’s. For many, this might sound weird, but for me, the idea that I don’t have to cook anything and wash the dishes afterwards was the most glorious thing ever. And the McD’s here is good (just ask anyone who has been both to the US one and Ukrainian one.)
  3. It was a time of many thought-provoking things that I had to think over the weekend. In a way, I realize that I might be worrying myself sick with all these thoughts and stuff, but I am thankful for opportunities. I just need God’s guidance now to understand what choice to make.

Saturday, November 7

  1. Sleep!!! Yeah, I am glad that I got to sleep in and it was so wonderful not to rush around and errands to do. We did have to do them eventually, but first we enjoyed just basic sleeping in and it was amazing.
  2. I finally made Hasselback potatoes 🙂 I wanted to do it for a long time, but we either didn’t have large potatoes or we didn’t have much time. So on Saturday, I decided that it’s a perfect time for that. While Sam was working on the car and running his manly errands, I cooked the potatoes and finally had the inspiration to clean the bathtub that was yelling for attention for a long time.
  3. It was a good day to just simply rest. We watched our TV shows, ate the potatoes (turned out that just one large tater is enough to feel full, so we had leftovers for the next day).

Sunday, November 8

  1. We are working on preparing a special acapella song for Christmas. It was a fun first-time session, considering that only a couple from our “choir” had any kind of vocal training before. Hopefully, we will get better with more practice 🙂 Today’s another rehearsal.
  2. Good services at my church as well as Sam’s church.
  3. I was invited to celebrate my friend’s birthday, so we enjoyed time together too. (Too bad her husband and daughter got sick so she had to go home after the celebration at the cafe instead of joining us for the evening service.)

So those are my thanks.

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