[30Days: day 7]

[30Days: day 7]

Wow, I actually lasted for a week! 😀 I was worried that with the conference, I won’t have time / strength to update. But it’s a challenge for me and I am not giving up.

So… without much further adieu.

1. Just look at this sunset (and this is taken with iPhone without filters – imagine how much more beautiful it was in real life!)


2. The discussions at the family groups are getting deeper and deeper and I love that I am challenged to change the way I think about things and just, in general, think of different possibilities.

3. Thankful for wise friends who are older and with whom I can talk about serious issues and not feel like I’m a kid. Fun friends with whom I can laugh about silly things and not feel like I’m just an odd person. Educated friends who share their knowledge with me and encourage me to dig deeper too and fuel my passion for studying.

And, as much as I am enjoying myself here, I am so happy that I will see my beloved husband within two days (God willing!) I am an introvert, but I long for his company.

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