[magic 8 ball]

[magic 8 ball]

During our study group on Wednesday, my friend touched upon an important question.

Does Bible have all the answers?

I grew up hearing this all the time. Look for answers in the Bible. Wear the WWJD bracelet to help you make wise decisions when you think about What Would Jesus Do?

But you know what?

There were many times when I had absolutely NO idea what would Jesus do in a situation like mine. I mean, besides praying, that answer is applicable in pretty much all situations. Otherwise, how on earth would I know what Jesus would do – stick around at the job you used to love but now the very idea of getting up and dragging yourself to the office or looking for something else? What university to choose? Should I choose a Christian university or a usual one?

The truth, I think, is that we often confuse Bible with a magic fortune-telling 8-ball. We expect the Bible to give us answers when we need to make a decision yet the questions we ask are often trivial ones.

Does Bible have the answers? Yes. I believe that. However, the questions it answers are the life-saving ones. What should we ultimately do – love our neighbor or hate him? How do we get saved? What is God’s character like?

And just like God never changes, Bible’s answers never change either.

You might ask magic ball the same question several times and you would probably get a different answer every time. The Bible’s answer, however, won’t change. The key to salvation is still Jesus, even 2,000 years later. The sin is still the problem we have to deal with and let God work in us. He still loves us no matter how messed up we are.

Thank God for the answers that remain constant and don’t depend on the “mood” of an 8-ball.

  • I’m not disagreeing little sis but there are times the bible says absolutely nothing about the situation at hand. That is when the whole of Scripture is needed and some guidance and wisdom from both God and perhaps others. I do disagree with people who say the Bible speaks to everything. So…they had guns back then? And what about gambling and dancing and movies? I do often fall back on I Cor.8 to guide me.

    • Right, like I said (or, meant to say), the Bible does have answers, but not to all our questions (which is the reason I have stopped wearing that WWJD bracelet). Too many questions require like you said, whole Scripture + guidance from God (whether direct or through someone else)… Oh, and even when the Bible does seem to give an answer to something, we should not disregard the context it was spoken in. Like women in Church. (I am biased on that issue, but… yeah.)

      Love that chapter in Paul. It was an eye opener for me a long time ago and I try to stick to its principles.

  • Great post Zee.

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