[lessons from an ordinary day]

[lessons from an ordinary day]

It was an ordinary day.

Well, it was Ukraine’s 24th Independence Day, so it was a day off for us and we decided to go for a walk downtown. We decided to go to the downtown by car instead of the trolleybus and later it turned out that it was a wise decision because trolleybusses did not go all the way to Maidan (there was some official event taking place, so the roads were blocked.)

We walked up and down and around the Khreshchatyk, the main street, and then went home after a couple of hours.

And it was on our way back that we got hit by another car.

A few seconds before it happened, I sat up in my seat, moving the seatbelt up because a thought went through my mind “If someone bumps into us, the seatbelt would dig into my stomach.” I moved it and…well, someone did bump into us.

We’re okay, the guys who ran into us are okay too. Our car has a couple of tiny scratches even though the bump felt rather substantial. We are thankful to God for protecting us.

However, I couldn’t help but think “What if it were more serious?”

We had a couple of mild disagreements with Sam but after the accident, I kept thinking “What is more important? To be right or to enjoy each other’s company?”

It’s too easy to get entangled in daily matters and petty stuff, but when you compare the odds, it is much preferable to spend what time we’ve got loving each other instead of complaining that something isn’t as we expected.

And be thankful to God for the time that we have – because you never know when you might run out of that time.

  • you’re learning!! and you are right. i believe that is why the Bible says we should not go to bed angry. Nor leave each other angry. Glad you were ok.

    • Yes, that is one of our family “rules.” Make things right before going to sleep (and not go to sleep before we settle issues.)

      And yes – considering the bump, I am surprised (but thankful) that there’s no damage. Having to fix our car (or our health) at the moment would be tough financially.

  • Glad you both are safe. There are always lessons to be learned when bad things happen because the uglies come crawling out of us when tested. Just the other day a misunderstanding caused tempers to rise up between Ace and I…and we have been married almost 51 years. I have learned to expect the uglies to rise up but I also expect the Lord to convict, teach and love me, not only the Lord by my husband to and me for him. Always enjoy stopping by Zee…love your pictures, your honesty, your zeal for life and the Lord.

    • I think it’s something that is the hardest for newlyweds – the realization that there will be misunderstandings no matter what. Usually, the two think that because they love each other, they will be different and there will be no conflicts whatsoever… and when one arises, the couple has no idea what to do because it was so unexpected. And the key is to keep on going, getting over those conflicts together.

      Wow, 51 years together… That’s awesome. A friend of mine recently celebrated 70 years together with her husband. Even thinking of that possibility is inspiring and encouraging. It’s good that there are still couples who value the relationship and commitment.

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