[home alone]

[home alone]

I know that often people recommend spending time away from their spouse because it “makes you miss the other and the reunion is all the sweeter.”

Perhaps if I were somewhere, doing something to get my mind off the fact that Sam’s gone to a camp and I will not see him for two+ weeks (because I leave for another camp before he returns), it would be easier. As of now, sitting at home, enjoying the company of my cat feels… hollow.

I realized last week that since we have started dating two years ago, this is the longest time we’d be apart. Before these trips, the longest was four days when I was gone studying Intro to Theology (thankfully for me, I was busy writing papers and reading the textbooks to think about missing my love.)

Some say it’s terrible that we’ve always been together since the beginning of our relationship. Some say we’re maniacs… I say we just enjoy doing and experiencing things together. It helps us being on the same page.

I know we’ll get through this and this is not the worst thing that could happen. In the meantime, however, I miss the one I love. His company. His desire and ability to make me laugh. His kindness and his warmth.

I love you and miss you, honey.

  • Nothing wrong with missing someone little sis. That saying about “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is okay on the surface but when love is love it doesn’t matter if it is one hour, one day or one week (or in your case two weeks). Those are the times you realize you are “incomplete” without your partner in crime, I mean, life is not there. Miss him. Love him long distance. These are the times you realize you made the right choice and miss him being part of your day.

    • πŸ™‚ Thanks for the encouragement, dear big brother. So far, I think you’re one of a very few who said it’s okay to miss someone πŸ™‚ Thank you for that, it means a lot.

      Pretty much everyone else keeps saying “Come on, you can go hang out with friends or do what you haven’t done in a while” (and my routine before Sam consisted of work, work events, home, and Church… i.e. nothing much) or “It’s boring to be together all the time.”

  • Here is your second person telling you it’s ok to miss your love. In fact Zee, I believe those who are telling you different wish they felt the same way about someone and had someone feel the same about them. I remember someone telling me when I first got married I should not love so deep…well that love has lasted 50 years and made it through some really rough patches. Total commitment to someone drive love deep. He will love that you more because you missed him so much.

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