We bought our first car several months ago. It is an old one (10+ years), but a dear one for me because it used to be my friends’ car. There is a lot of work to be done with it, but it runs and helped us get through winter without freezing at the bus stops (I don’t like cold, so I personally enjoyed this purchase tremendously). Lots of parts need to be updated, too, but the battery is new.

Well… Tuesday was a tough day for both Sam and I. We had to cancel plans of going to our friends’ Bible study group, we had to stay late at work, and in the end of the day, as we were finally on our way home after 12 hours of work, all we desired was to get home, eat, and rest.

We usually drive to the subway’s end of line (which is about 5 kilometers away), get to the metro, and ride to work. It is cheaper this way and sometimes easier because we don’t get in traffic jams.

Tuesday. We get off on our metro stop, walk to the parked car… and discover that the battery is drained so completely that there was no charge even to open the doors.


Considering our emotional weariness and because it is our first personal car, we were at loss.

The battery is new, how could it drain like that? We haven’t left any lights on or radio. We weren’t gone that long (even if the working day was a couple of hours longer)… What happened?

After calling a few friends, thankfully we found out that one friend, who lives close to us (and close to where we were parked) was home and could come in a few minutes.

The story ended well and we got home and have been driving the car for two days since then. The battery works perfectly well once again.

So what was that?

Looking back, I can’t help but wonder… perhaps we shouldn’t have gone to our friends’ and we shouldn’t have driven home right when we got to the car, because something bad could’ve happened to us. A weird fellow driver, an accident, someone crossing the street… It could be anything.

And God saved us from that by, well, completely draining the power from our car battery.

Have you ever had things like that happen to you? 

(Reminder for myself for next time something goes awry in my plans: perhaps I shouldn’t follow those plans because something might go wrong.)

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