term paper#1: theological reasoning

term paper#1: theological reasoning

Why Is Theological Reasoning Important in the Personal Life of a Minister and the Church?

To paraphrase the famous saying, we are therefore we think. People have always questioned their own existence, the origins of life, and the possibility of God.

In the old days, people passed on the ideas through spoken word, however, the retelling gave birth to rumors and the wilder imagination of the speaker, the wilder the rumors could become, being a rich soil for heresies. These days, as more and more people gain access to being published (or simply even keep a personal blog), the distance their teaching can reach is worldwide. One stray thought, even if it wasn’t meant to start a heresy, can give birth to someone else, reading this, a wrong idea which he might extrapolate on further, and we can, once again, end with heresies that fill the internet world. Therefore, it is extremely important, especially in our world of accessible information, to implement theological reasoning in personal life for the ministers (so they can later impart their knowledge and understanding further to the Church members).

Like when the juices flow from the roots to the ends of the vine branches, so the teaching has also go from the root (that is Christ, for Christians) to ministers, then to people in Church, and, finally, to those who are not yet saved and who needs to hear the Good News. The juice cannot go from the leaf to the root simply because it cannot produce it. Same with knowledge – people from the street cannot come to the pastor and tell him or her, “You know, we have thought of an idea about this God, and this is what you should believe.” It does not work that way. The way it does work is that the more we understand God and get to know Him, the more we can feed on the life-giving water flowing from Him – and share it with others.

In order to be content, our lives should be filled with a sense of meaningfulness. While a lot of people are looking for meaning in all the wrong places – drugs, alcohol, money, sex, any other pleasure – we can only find meaning for our lives in God because that is the way we were created. And to find meaning in God, we need to know Him intimately, almost as a husband knows his wife (no wonder New Testament writers often compared Christ to the groom and the Church to the bride). Theological reasoning is that “getting to know God” process, when we dwell on what He is doing in our lives, who is He (without trying to completely understand Him and His motives because it is useless – our minds used to full potential would not be able to perform this task).

Also, besides just thinking, there should also be a practical part to our theology. God came to this world as a human being in order to give his teaching a more “physical” form – heal people, touch their lives (literally and figuratively), and to bring salvation to people. Therefore, we should follow, since “faith without works is dead.” We should apply our understanding of God in our material world, serving those around us. That is the primary mission of the Church in the world – to serve them and help them find salvation in Christ – and the primary mission of the Church leaders is to equip the Church people with necessary knowledge needed for that task.

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