[update re: war]

[update re: war]

Haven’t written about war for a long time.

Looks like the time has come to once again ask for prayers (they were needed even before and we have felt the power of those prayers, but now we need even more).

Last night we have spent few hours packing the food for people who are stuck in the war zone since we were planning a trip down there this weekend. Today found out that the trip to the east is delayed because of the attacks (military does not let civilians to enter the war zone during the active attacks because that would mean even more possible victims).

And yet, people are waiting for the help. Many have stayed because they have nowhere else to go, many have stayed because they did not know better, and yet many also have stayed because they can’t go anywhere (there are towns where only the elderly have remained and there’s nothing for them to eat and no electricity or heating.)

It is a sad anniversary of the first deaths on Maidan in 2014 and many people here are worn out from constant expectation of something worse to happen or hearing that someone you have known or loved is no longer walking on this earth.

Please pray for Ukraine.

Please pray for Russia.

Please pray that this chaos will end sooner than later and that no more people would have to lose their loved ones due to stupid power struggle and because an idiot with much control decided to be the king of the mountain, not caring how many corpses he’d have to walk on to get to the top.

Pray for volunteers in the East who are serving people there.

Pray for doctors who are in a bootcamp conditions right now, having to work for hours and hours and hours on end, saving soldiers and other wounded.

And thank you for the prayers that have already been uttered on our behalf. Our soldiers have protected the Donetsk airport (in the header picture) for 242 days, yet today they have retreated – there’s nothing to protect anymore. War is raging and while I do believe that God has it all under control, at the moment it seems like there’s no end in sight. Acts of terrorism – bombing public transportation and attacking civilians – are becoming a new norm. Pray that does not remain a norm for long.

One day, we shall win.

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