[BOOK REVIEW: Motherless by Erin Healy]

[BOOK REVIEW: Motherless by Erin Healy]

Everything that is hidden will be brought into the light. Everything that is a secret will be made known. (Mark 4:22)

Motherless is a gripping story of how that truth, spoken long ago by Jesus (and even He was probably quoting someone else), comes into action.

It is a story of a family that was torn by an act of infidelity, even though divorce wasn’t in the picture. Misty, the mother with a bipolar syndrome, killed herself after she found out about her husband’s deed. The kids, however, don’t know the true reason why their mother has committed a suicide, they have accepted it as face value and Marina, the oldest girl, at the age of three years old, basically became a mother to her little brother Dylan.

“This is the truth: we all tell stories that we want to believe. We tell them for so long that we forget what we really know. Occasionally we convince others to believe them too.”

The little family of three are struggling to lead a normal life when Garrett, their dad, gets into an accident and now is forced to watch the events as they unroll as a ghost (as he thinks initially).

While Garrett is a mute and transparent observant, another character enters the scene. Sara, Misty’s cousin and the one Garrett chose over his wife that one time. She also is struggling to understand how to help the Becker kids and decides to take a rather unusual step. Since she and Misty look really alike, she tells Dylan and Marina that she’s their mother.

Will the kids unravel the truth? What happens to their dad? How this secret, hidden for so long, will affect their family?

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