[teddy bear]

[teddy bear]

“Oh, so he’s her big teddy bear.”

We had our friends over, a missionary couple with two kids. While girls were playing with Athena the cat (who behaved exceptionally well, considering that she even was Sarah’s “dance partner”), we talked about the story of how Sam and I met.

I mentioned that two days prior to receiving Sam’s Facebook friend’s request, I had to put my previous cat down and that Monday was probably the darkest day of my life. I basically gave up on everything, all plans and hopes that I had, and told God that He can do whatever. I had nothing to hold onto, except Him.

…And the very next day, Sam entered my life.

Jenni, our missionary friend turned to her husband Scott, “He’s her big teddy bear.”

I smiled because, indeed, Sam is.

I look back at this year and marvel at how my life has changed. It is almost as if it is a new life altogether.

We got married, I got a new job, we got a new kitty cat…

I am the same Zee (I think) still who loves geeky Discovery Science shows and books about quantum physics. I am still the one who loves looking up into the sky full of stars and look for Big Dipper. I am the one who loves learning new things.

But I am happier than I was these past years, ever since my grandma and aunt left this life to enjoy the next one. There were good moments in between, I don’t deny it. However, when I think of happy times, I go back in memory to the happy family celebrations when my grandma could cook up a feast from the few groceries that were available. I go back to times when we would sit until late night hours drinking tea and eating something grandma or one of us baked. NOW is the time when I am starting to make new happy memories.

And I am thankful for this year of my life that I could enjoy, despite what is going on in my country. At times, I do feel somewhat guilty about enjoying life, but then, if not right here and right now, when else can I love life?

So I will continue (if God so wishes) enjoying every morning I wake up next to my husband and smiling at him. I will revel in the glory of sunrise (even if it is not always visible due to heavy clouds). I will appreciate the times we can rest.

It has been a good year in my life.

How about yours?

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