[on Bible stories]

[on Bible stories]

I am taking an Introduction to Old Testament class right now. I have taken it before in my university but due to various reasons, it cannot be counted towards my EuNC education, so when an opportunity arose, I jumped on it.

As homework, I have to read the entire OT.

For someone who’s been going to church since young age, one would expect I have had read the OT by now. Yet, as I am realizing now, I have omitted large portions of it. (And no, it wasn’t the Leviticus – that one I’ve read in full back in 2000… it was a long bus ride.)

If someone claims there’s too much drama in soap operas on TV these days, they should just read Genesis. For example, the story of Jacob’s wives (and concubines). THAT’s where the drama is. I also didn’t know that Isaac did not like his son Esau’s wives because they were Hittites (so much that Esau ended up marrying another woman, this time from a more acceptable people). Not to mention Lot’s daughters who each slept with Lot (while he was drunk) in order to get pregnant. And that’s just GENESIS!

I know they weren’t saints and the Bible is not about people who were saint, but about people who were made saint by God. However, I am just now realizing how FAR from being saint they were.

So I am thankful for kids’ Bibles. I think there are things that kids should learn only when they grow up a bit. And perhaps, the stories are simplified, but they get the main idea without too many distractions like adultery or killing or other things.

What do you think? Should kids read the usual Bible or should they spend more time reading Bible stories from a children’s Bible?

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