[which was better – via Nick Vujicic]

[which was better – via Nick Vujicic]

I listened this morning to Nick Vujicic’ podcast based on Proverbs 19:21:

We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.

Here’s the 2-minute podcast: (worthy of your time)

It made me think…

I still don’t like it when something I plan fails miserably.

I still keep bugging God to tell me what is going to happen so I can prepare accordingly.

And yet, I am glad that it is His plan that prevails.

Last night, Sam and I were on our way home, discussing technology and various innovations that fill our lives these days. (We are two Apple geeks… which was even the reason our wedding photographers decided to do a photo-shoot with apples in an orchard.) And I thought…

Before I met Sam, I officially dated only once, over 9 years ago. He was from the US and we met when I translated for his team here in Ukraine. He went back to the States and we decided to give a long-term relationship a try. One thing, however – he was not into technology, so even installing an IM program took a long time and there’s not much else you could do back then, especially with dial-up (besides snail mail and e-mail).

When things fell apart (mostly due to lack of communication), I was sad. For years after that, I wondered and begged God to finally send someone and complaining why He hasn’t done anything yet.

And now, I look back and thank God every day for making me wait for Sam.

If we met before, I don’t think we would’ve hit it off like we did. We were looking for different things, even a couple of years ago. However, God was in a process of shaping both him and me into pieces that connected and transformed into a family.

This Sunday, we’re *proudly* celebrating 6 months since we’ve said “I do” and I am thankful for each and every day and minute we get to spend together.

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