[my first tattoo]

[my first tattoo]

I wanted a tattoo for quite a long period of time.

However, I didn’t get one for numerous reasons.

1. I was aware that it’s one of those “once and forever” things. You do it and then it stays with you. Therefore, getting a tattoo for the sake of tattoo seemed foolish. So I looked at options to have a temporary one, but henna seemed too temporary.

2. I wanted it to mean something. There’s a gazillion of butterfly tattoos and whatnot. No, thank you.

3. Choosing the place where to have it. My main requirement was that if I would get a tattoo, it would be in such a place that I would be able to see it easily, a reminder of sorts.

4. I had very few friends with tattoos (before), so getting a tattoo from a random tattoo artist was out of question. That was probably one of the main reasons I didn’t get a tattoo before.

So when a bit over a year ago I met Sam, among the first things I noticed about him (besides his warm eyes and glorious beard) were his tattoos. But I knew that everyone keeps asking him questions about his tattoos (even random guys on the street would come up, admire his decorated arms and ask where he got them and how much does it cost), so I did what I am good at: observed.

Long story short… I made a decision to get a tattoo together with Sam.

We’re looked at options, discussed the ideas, talked to the artist girl and last weekend Sam and I got matching hearts on our forearms 🙂


Shape: I don’t really like the traditional heart (because of the legend about the roots for the shape coming from the shape of Aphrodite’s behind), so I asked if we could get an anatomical heart instead.

Proverbs 4:23

Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.

V.II.MMXIV stands for both the date when we signed the official documents (on February 5th) and when we had the ceremony at the church (on May 2nd).


  • Nice. I could never convince Jo of getting one. And I don’t have one either.

    • I’m not saying everyone should get them – but it’s a fun thing to do together. There’s something about the process (and now that Sam’s giving me directions and taking care of my tattoo – that feels great) 🙂

      • I’m not opposed to getting one. but like you I don’t want one just for the sake of having one. Nor do I want one everyone else has. As for Sam taking care of your tat, I will leave that one alone. LOL

  • Very cool…still waiting to get the nerve to get one…doesn’t look as good on sagging older skin…

    • It actually hurt much less than I expected (and, as Sam said, women have a higher pain threshold) 🙂 So not saying you should run and get one, but it certainly is an interesting experience.

      Re: skin – that was one of the reasons why I forbid Sam from doing a tattoo of me. Besides all the horrible examples of how portrait tattoos have gone wrong, I don’t want to see myself aging on his skin 😀

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