[planned breakfast]

[planned breakfast]

Sam was at a boys’ meeting today and I was free to do whatever I wished, so I joined my friends’ birthday party.

After a couple of hours of hanging out by the river, it was time for me to go. Athena (the cat) was home alone and it felt wrong to keep leaving her on her own all the time.

On my way home, I got an idea for tomorrow’s breakfast.

Bacon, eggs, and coffee.

Nothing too special, but I know that Sam loves bacon (as well as I do) and we haven’t bought bacon in couple of months (I know, right!)… and it’s Saturday and we don’t have to rush anywhere… Perfect.

I got the eggs, got the bacon neatly sliced by a nice lady at the store, paid for the food and on the way home dreamed about the surprise for Sam in the morning when he’d see the food.

A car swerved on the road as I waited for the green light to cross the road and I once again was reminded…

I made “perfect plans” for tomorrow but what if tomorrow doesn’t come? Or, even more realistically, what if it brings something that will make a “perfect breakfast” seem like an awful joke?


I know I have been talking about the “doomsday” a lot, but I can’t really help it. There’s a threat of war looming over my country.

I stumbled across a blog post of a friend’s friend and it hit home.

If you’ve ever walked through the art section at LifeWay, browsed inspirational Bible quotes on Pinterest, you’ve read Psalm 46: 10: “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s usually superimposed over a beautiful and tranquil nature scene like a calm mountain lake or a beach sunset. […]

Now there’s a pin for you: how about the “Be still” verse on top of an image of wild seas, raging fires, and post-war desolation? And yet– there is something strangely comforting about the juxtaposition of violence and peace that Psalm 46 contains.

Wow… I have never thought of that.

And yet, it hits home.

Be still and know that He is God.

Even if tomorrow doesn’t come.

So I am still planning on making the most of tomorrow and making Sam a perfect Saturday breakfast. He has been an amazing husband and friend this week (and the weeks before) and I am really proud of him today because he had an important meeting and nailed it.

But even if tomorrow doesn’t come, I want to make the most of today as well.

And I will try to be still and know that God is GOD.

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