[history written by the victors]

[history written by the victors]

Churchill once said, “History is written by the victors.

Even though in our day and age one can get access to much more information than, say, even 30 years ago… one still cannot know everything.

With the recent events of the Malaysian flight MH17 crashing in Ukraine, what bugs me the most (besides the grief for the 298 peaceful people who lost their lives) is that I don’t know what to believe.

Some jumped to conclusions that it was Russia’s fault and that Putler wanted this.

Some say it was Ukrainian army’s fault because they initially targeted Putler’s plane (which is one of the dumbest versions, because they say P’s flight from Warsaw to Moscow and Malaysian MH17 were on the same course. I might not be a wiz in air traffic and stuff, but who on earth would create a route from Warsaw to Moscow through Donetsk?!)

Some say it was Ukrainian army’s fault because they wanted to place the blame on the Russian “saviors.”

Finally, some say the plane was shot down… by mistake. The “saviors” thought it was a Ukrainian army’s plane with ammunition and shot it… only afterwards realizing it was a wrong plane.


Mistake that cost 298 people their lives and countless relatives and friends insurmountable grief.

And yet, as much as I want to believe that it was not a targeted terrorist act and that Ukrainian army didn’t shoot the plane just to blame the Russian guys… there’s no way I can know the real truth behind the thick curtains of lies.

“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

John 8:32

I know that verse by heart… and at the same time, I, like Pilate, keep finding myself asking “But what is the truth?”

Will we, the mere mortals, ever know what really happened in Ukrainian sky on July 17, 2014?

I doubt it. I have read way too many books about behind-the-scenes conspiracy theories to believe that a usual person can know what’s going on and who’s to blame.

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