[surgery: update]

[surgery: update]

First of all, thanks to all who prayed and helped either with an encouraging word or financially. Whatever you did – it was really appreciated and both Sam and I are grateful for all the friends who said they’ll lift him and the surgeons in prayer.

Now that it is the evening of the Surgery Day, I can finally breathe somewhat calmly. (After being to the hospital three times, with two times at the office and two visits to the store in between.)

My honey is still at the hospital and will remain there for at least one night, possibly two. This is because he needs meds and just so doctors and nurses can watch over him as he recovers fully from the general anesthesia. He’s weaker than usual right now, but he can walk and sit so that’s already awesome. Thankfully no fever.

As for what kind of surgery he was having – many people have asked me. When he first broke his wrist two years ago, after two months in the cast, he got a false joint as a result. Considering that little navicular bone (which most people break when they break wrists), false joints are rather common. One can live with it, but it limits the movement and is somewhat painful.

When we went to check why Sam’s hand started hurting worse all of a sudden, turned out there was problem with this new joint. It developed osteoarthritis as well as beginning stages of tissue necrosis.

So to fix this thing, the doctors took away this false joint completely, cleaned the bones from the remains that didn’t belong, took some bone tissue from Sam’s hip bone (since it regenerates well), stuffed it into Sam’s wrist, and fastened it all with a nice little bolt.

Sounds scary, if you ask me. I know people have traumas way worse than Sam’s, but I have never been admitted to a hospital myself (even though I’ve spent a few years there because of my grandma and aunt who spent most of their last years in hospitals) so I can only imagine what it feels like to have a bolt in one’s wrist or have a cast.

However, the surgery is behind us and now we’re off to rehab.

Keep praying please. And thank you!


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