It started with setting a new language in Skype.

For many years, it has been my desire to learn Greek. I can read it (anyone who knows any Cyrillic language should be able to read it since Cyril was a Greek monk who created the alphabet basing it on the one he knew – Greek) and know a few words and phrases.

So today on the whim, I changed the Skype language to Greek, just for the fun of it.

When I opened the context settings for one of my friends, I was surprised to see the word I knew: αποστολη (apostole). So I switched the language back to English, to make sure I understood it correctly.


I posted my discovery on Facebook and a friend of mine, who knows Greek (and whom I continually bug from time to time to teach me), mentioned that it is weird that the Bible translators chose not to translate the words “Angel” and “Apostles” although they both mean messengers basically.

This led to the conversation:

“I guess they chose to name them “Apostles” because “sent ones” was weird?”

“But they have been followers of “The Way”… So “Sent Ones” or “The Sent” would’ve made perfect sense.”

“The twelve Sent”

Then it dawned on me. “50 Cent. It’s a Christian band after all.”

We both laughed about this.

Besides, were apostles angels? (This is more of a tongue-in-a-cheek question.)

The words’ origin and meaning are so fascinating to study, especially when one of the strengths is Connectedness.

What do you think? Why the word “apostles” wasn’t translated, instead becoming a term for Jesus’ disciples?

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