One day, years from now, I envision Sam and I talking to our kids, telling them our story.

“Well, we got married and enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Carpathian mountains… then came back and started remodeling the apartment. This included not having doors anywhere, and also no kitchen and no toilet. If that wasn’t enough, your dad’s left hand suddenly started hurting bad and he needed to get the surgery.”

That’s years from now.

But back to the present.

Sam needs to get a surgery next week. He broke his wrist a couple of years ago and while the bones healed, they obviously didn’t heal properly. So a few days ago, the wrist suddenly began to hurt more than usual (usually it only hurt when he attempted to twist it).

This morning we went to the doc (I tagged along because I didn’t want to sit at home, wondering what they are doing to my babe) and he said Sam needs a surgery.

As if we weren’t stressed enough after the remodeling of our home.

Oh well… Better now than later, I guess. Besides, there’s not much choice – either he gets a surgery (that involves the docs taking a bit of his hip bone and inserting it into his wrist) or his arm will get weaker and weaker.

So all this to say, we need prayers.

We need prayers for some rest before the new stress (the remodeling should end this week – woo-hoo!)

We need prayers for the surgery and the doctors, for God to guide their hands as they perform the operation

We need prayers for financial support for this. It’s not a cheap surgery (although thankfully we’ve got some savings and there are surgeries that are way more expensive than this one.)

And finally we’ll need more prayers for the rehabilitation after the surgery. Thankfully, Sam’s right-handed and it’s his left wrist that was hurt.

UPDATE: Thanks for the prayers, y’all. The surgery went well and now we’re onto rehab process! The docs are positive that it should heal well and work even better than before the surgery. So woo-hoo!

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